Lake Simcoe is the fifth largest inland lake in Ontario with a surface area of 722km2. The lake has two major bays, Kempenfelt and Cook’s Bay.  Kempenfelt Bay is the deepest part of Lake Simcoe and reaches a maximum depth of 135 ft while Cook’s Bay reaches a maximum depth of 49ft. Lake Simcoe is a relatively clear lake and in some instances, anglers are able to see as far down as 15-25 ft.

The Lake Simcoe fish community is made up of over 55 species including cold, cool and warm water species. Lake Simcoe supports the highest angling effort of any inland lake in Ontario. The majority of angling takes place during the winter where 2000-4000 fish huts operate from January to March each year. The most sought after species in the winter fishery are lake trout, lake whitefish, and yellow perch.