A Simple and Cheap Trick to Keep your Cell Phone Alive while ice fishing.

Whether it be for emergency phone calls, accessing sonar chart apps or for just staying connected, most of us take our cell phone out ice fishing. On occasion, we've all found ourselves with a dead or a near dead cell phone and it's never a great feeling.

Our recommendation is to invest in a portable battery charger. We recommend the RAVPOWER 16750 mah Portable Charger. This charger is a workhorse, works great in the cold weather and can charge your phone over 4 times (depending on your phone battery). This charger has personally been used by ourselves and works very well and won't break the bank.

However, If you forget your power bank charger, with only a few cheap items, you can transform your 12V portable fish finder battery into a cell phone charger. All you need are two alligator clip wires and a USB Portable Car Lighter Charger. I keep a set in my Ice Fishing Tackle box at all times.

By attaching the wiring and car charger as shown below, you create a functional USB charging device. Remember, this system will only work with a 12 V battery (Amps can vary). Cellphones require a lot of power, therefore, on average, for a *fully charged* 12V, 7 amp battery, you may get one or two full charges of your cellphone. This system is really meant for emergencies when you find yourself in a vulnerable position with a dead cellphone. It doesn't take much to keep these 3 items in your tackle box at all times. Hopefully you'll never be in a position to use them, but if you do, they will be there when you really need them.

We hope you have a safe and productive 2019/2020 Ice Fishing Season!