Fish Finders & Flashers - A comprehensive list of various fish finders on the market with specifications and reviews. Includes prices and pictures.

Artificial Baits - A list of baits to use with descriptions, tips and techniques on how to catch the fish your targeting.

Live Baits - describes all the live bait you can use on Lake Simcoe. Includes pictures and techniques.

Ice Safety - Precautionary tips on how to read the ice and how to survive if you fall through.

Access to Lake Simcoe - Please sign out petition to allow the public to keep our access points on Lake Simcoe.

Yo Yo for More Lakers - A great article written by pro angler Steve Rowbotham on how to catch lakers with one of his proven techniques.

Whitefish 101 - The Original Tip-up Stick - An excellent article describing how to make and properly use a tip-up.