Electric Augers

Gas is out, electric is in!  It's 2020, and manufacturers are pumping them out.   In 2017, Gord Pyzer from Outdoor Canada  on his youtube channel  declared electric augers as a "game changer".  He was using the ION.   In the world of ice augers, electric has indeed been a game changer.  Lithium Ion Batteries can store and deliver enough power to punch through the ice.

Fuel spillage, ripping chords and welcoming the morning with a touch of exhaust, will be...is a thing of the past.  They are easy to use,  quiet, clean and fast;  cutting holes is done in a cinch.  In fact, cutting holes is now the last thing I do, and it's done in the hut for perfect hole placement.  Each year, manufactures are continually making improvements.  For example the ION Gen2 is 23% lighter at 17lbs with battery technology to increase longevity.  

Sled weight can easily start to climb and should be considered if your pulling a sled.   Products like the K-Drill is a super light ice auger bit that can be used with a cordless drill.  If you already own a drill that can handle drilling through ice, it'll bring down the cost considerably to go electric.  


ION G2 Electric Auger

8" hole size

Battery: 40 V6ah

2000' of ice on a single charge

Weight: 17lbs

Warranty: 3 year


Jiffy E6 Electric Auger

8" hole (Also in  10')

Battery: 40V 6ah

1680' of ice single charge

Weight: 24lbs (8')

Warranty: 2 year

 Great Value

Strikemaster  Electric Auger

8' hole (Also in 10')

Battery:  40V 5ah

1600' of ice single charge

Weight: 24lbs (8')

Warranty: 2 year


Landworks Electric Auger

8' hole size

Battery: 48V 2ah

unclear how many inces

Weight: 25lbs

Warranty: unknown

Rapala. ION and Jiffy are all excellent choices in the electric auger game.     These electric augers come with their own power heads and battery, which packs on the weight.  If weight and cost are both heavy drivers, there are other options where you can utilize your own drill.  

Clam  conversion  kit

Ice Auger Bits

Before there were K-Drills, there were drill adapters. This is where you can attach a manual auger  to a drill.  The Clam plate is an excellent choice for this type of application.  For about $100 and the right Drill, you can take a manual auger and turn it into an electric drilling machine.  

Clam Pate Install

Game Changer

How do they compare?

Auger War!