AREA Fishing clubs

There is certainly enough information out there for you to learn on your own, but joining a Bassmasters Club is a much more productive, fun and relaxing way to learn. It does not matter if you are a weekend angler or fishing competitively, you will improve your enjoyment and success.  Along with learning about bass fishing, you develop great friendships with people who share our passion. Take a look at some of the clubs in your area to learn more. 

Aurora BassMasters

Mission: The Aurora Bassmasters are proud supporters of the "Fairy Lake Urban Fishing Festival" which is held each year on the 1st Sunday after Canada Day in July. At this event members sacrifice a day of fishing for themselves so that they can help introduce hundreds of kids and their families to the wonderful sport they love so much.  Find out more... 

Barrie Bassmasters

Barrie Bassmasters is a fishing club and is open for anyone to join, we have meetings on the 2nd Tuesday of every month please contact for more info.  Find out more... 

Orillia Bassmasters

A Team-oriented bass fishing club under the OBN & BASS umbrella of Clubs. Monthly meetings, organized Club tournaments all within one hours drive of Orillia.  Find out more... 

South Simcoe Bassmasters

The South Simcoe Bassmasters (SSBM) fishing club is made up of members from communities in the southern region of Lake Simcoe.  The South Simcoe Bassmaters hold club Bass fishing tournaments on local lakes throughout the summer.  Find out more... 

For a list of Bass clubs under B.A.S.S Nation (OBN) visit 

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